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Yes you can, I can connect the domain to your website as long you have the login details from where you bought your domain. You can either keep the domain with the current provider or we could transfer it to Tropic Branding provider to have all in one place. 

Hosting is the place in the cloud where your website will be stored. You usually pay a monthly or yearly price for this. There is a variety of providers. 

I can arrange the whole package for your website. Domain & hosting in one place. You receive one invoice per year and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. 

The domain name and hosting will be registered with the provider Siteground under Tropic Branding but is transfereable to a private account anytime you want. (a small transfer fee applies)

If you decide to transfer the domain & hosting cost will be within your private account and other prices apply. You pay directly to the hosting & domain provider.

I have two options:
One page website, build in one day (day 1 preparation, day 2 design day) This option is interesting for coaches, virtual assistants to showcase their skill and services.

Small business website, build in one week (first week is preparation week and 2nd week is actual design week). This option is interesting for service providers in any niche.

Find the complete information about the timeline on the website design page.

A website often contains a few standard pages in the menu and can have submenu pages. 
-Home (short overview from your business from where you can navigate to different parts of the webiste.)
– About (who are you and your business?)
– Services (What problem do you solve? What are the services you offer?)
– Contact (how can someone contact you?)
Beside these pages there is a variety of pages possible. 

If you decide to work with me we will talk about the best options for your website and business.

Yes you do but I help you with this. As I have prepared a document with helpfull information to use for you. As well it includes examples of content you can you us and fill in the blanks.

Pictures are important but if you don’t have nice pictures for website use. You can either hire someone to make a range of nice pictures and/or I can arrange stockfotos for your website. (additional cost may apply)

Technical maintenance to keep the website up and running will be done by me monthly against a small monthly fee. (paid per year)

I also offer a service for updates, offers and small changes in content and photos on the website. This is a monthly fee. Price depends on what changes we expect. We agree on a monthly fee before we start. 

As some companies have new offers every month and need updated frequently others just have some little changes every now and then. 


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